Friday, December 26, 2014

Snow Buddies cards

Running short on birthday and anniversary cards since I have not been spending much time in the 'craft room'.  It is also serving as my home office so I am spending lots of time in the room, just not crafting.

These cards use the Snow Buddies set from several years ago.  Still one of my favorites.

Aren't the snowmen cute with the birthday balloons?  They are ready to party!!! We haven't had any snow but that doesn't mean I can't build some snowmen.  I prefer these anyway - can stay inside, warm and dry and they don't melt.

These fine couples are ready to celebrate some anniversaries. I am always running out of anniversary cards.

We still have one Christmas party - we are hosting my family tomorrow.  My siblings, their childrena and grandchildren. One of the highlights will be the annual Christmas ornament.  My sisters and I (sometimes we include a niece or two) make ornaments for everyone each year.  This tradition started in 1977 and we treasure the ornaments as well as the time we spend together planning and creating.   I can't post photos yet - don't want anyone to see them before tomorrow - but this year's are very special.  You'll just have to check in after tomorrow to see them :-)

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