Friday, August 31, 2007

Fernanda - Brazil Love Quilts

The most recent delivered quilt that I had a part in. The squares were stitched through a group I belong to specifically for Fernanda. Each square is a couple from a different country. I stitched Saudi Arabia - but you can't see it on this photo as it is behind Fernanda.
It is such a great feeling to see the photos of the child who receives the quilt.

Quilt recipient

Jordan blowing kisses
Jordan blowing kisses,
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This is one of the children that I stitched a square for. How could you say no to these kids????? Last year I stitched over 100 squares for charity and this year have stitched 90 items which includes bookmarks and ornaments too.

Premiere post

Well, this is my premiere post to blogging. I enjoy blogs from several of my friends so thought I would try it myself. Not sure what I will post about but time will tell.
I love crafts - of all kinds. I stitch quilt squares for charity and moderate a Yahoo group of stitchers to help promote the many charities that can use craft items. I also love stamping and making cards and scrapbooks but have been so involved with cross stitching quilt squares that I have not done the others for a while.
I am slowly pulling away from some of the cross stitching (I think I need a 12 step program!) and trying to fit in some other fun things like reading.