Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Latest craft projects

Last week I took a couple days off just for me as I had my 60th birthday on June 3. 
I spent a lot of time working on this sweatshirt for a baby shower gift. 

The little boy is due 2 days before his cousin who is a little girl. I'll be making her a pink sweatshirt to match. 

And one day I volunteered to help set up for VBS at church.  Lots of fun things to do but this was my favorite one. A hula hoop with a ring got each book of the Bible. 

The photo was taken before I had written the names on the rings.  

I cut pool noodles into rings using a serrated knife. Then I cut a slit through each ring so I could slip then onto a hula hoop. 

66 rings fit nicely with some room to be able to move them around. 

Also spent some time with the granddaughter. We visited the local Childrens Museum with her Aunt Bekah

Her favorite spot was the DQ shop. Here she is making a sundae for Papa with marshmallow topping.

Mexican Beef Salad - not!

So tonight our salad in this week of salad challenge was to be Mexican Beef Salad. However, after I has finished mind I realized I forgot to add the deli roast beef.  It was good without it.

So guess I would have to call this one Mexican Bean Salad. 

First day back to work after vacation and being 'on-call', I had to go a little paper therapy during my lunch hour.  Using up some more DSP scraps. 

When doing the top card I messed up so I stamped some balloons and added them.  I love making punch art balloons but just noticed when looking at the picture that if need to add some highlights to the balloons to make them stand out more. 

Lilies are bloomin'

Chicago We purchased some lilies from friends who had a plant sale to raise money for their church sponsored mission trip.  We got them in 2013 so this is the second growing season in our rock garden.

A nice bunch of lilies. 

Encomium is a very bright yellow double bloom. 

Shelldrake MI. The name always reminds me of the movie Dirty Dancing because the neighboring camp where Baby filled in for the dancer was the Shelldrake. 

Chicago Flapper - loving contrast of colors. 

Two part harmony. Very striking coloring

I think we need to add to our garden.