Monday, December 15, 2014

12 Days of Charity - Day 3

Sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of the joys of the season.  I also love designing and making our Christmas cards every year.   We both come from large families and we also give cards to all the families at church so this year I made about 140 cards.

This year I am adding a new family to my Christmas card list.  Addie is a 6 year old little girl who is not expected to live for another Christmas.  Her family's request is for her to receive a 'lifetime of Christmas cards'.   Addie especially loves handmade cards or artwork by other children.

You can read her story here -
or visit her Facebook page

I'll be sending Addie a card  - won't you consider joining me?  The card does not have to be handmade.  The family appreciates anything they receive.

The Christmas card I will be sending Addie and her family -

This is a stamp set I bought many years ago.  I love the calico angel and letters.  The ruffle is made by using the scallop punch on a long strip or paper and then crimping it with the crimping tool. The crimping makes it more flexible to glue around the back of the oval.  

The card has a surprise - a pop-up trio of calico hearts.   I will put some tabs on it so they know how to pull it to make the hearts pop up.  I love making the pop-ups but always wonder if the recipient figures it out :-)   I hope this will bring a smile to Addie's face as well as her mom and sisters.

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