Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Days of Charity - Day 12

This post will be for two charities - but they are very similar.  They are very dear to my heart.  Quilts for Older Children and Adults and Love Quilts.   I started stitching squares for Love Quilts in 2005. I loved picking designs and stitching them for a child who was critically ill.  It was hard to limit which children I stitched for so I stitched for all I could.  One year I stitched over 100 squares for charity quilts.  A similar group was started by my friend, Jeneen.  Quilts for Older Children and Adults donates quilts to children and adults who would be too old for Love Quilts.  What a blessing to be able to share my love for counted cross-stitch with other stitchers in such a worthy cause.

I orchestrated a few quilts through a Yahoo group for a few years.  Those were some of the most rewarding ones.  One was for a friend's granddaughter. 

One was for a child that I learned of through our church missionaries and we also made one for her sister.  I actually sewed the quilt for the sister. (Not a professional job but I'm sure she loved it none the less.)

And another for my sister who was battling breast cancer. 

I am so proud of each quilt I have been a part of and have prayed over the recipient while stitching, rejoiced when pictures were posted of the recipient smiling with their quilt and grieved when news was received that a recipient had died.  

For the last few years I have not been cross-stitching much because my left hand cramps up when holding the fabric.   Recently I started again.  I just can't do it for long intervals but still am able to meet the deadlines.  Here are the squares I have done this year. 

Love Quilts - for Junior T - Dalmatian

Quilts for Older Children and Adults - Disney theme - Lion King

And a card for today -

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