Friday, June 19, 2009

Stromboli in the tummy - yum, yum

I made stromboli (my version) tonight to use up some lunch meat and cheese that was nearing it's Best Used by date. It is a family favorite- and I served it with raspberry slaw which is another family favorite - so I am pretty popular tonight.

One of the stromboli had mesquite turkey breast and pepper cheese - gave it a little bite. It sure was good.

The other was mesquite turkey breast, turkey ham and provolone cheese. It looked good too but I kept my meal to one piece as trying to get that last pound off. However, that won't happen tomorrow since our boss bought the department pizza and slaw for lunch today and who can pass up free pizza :-0

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love those freezer meals!

I have been using my freezer meals for almost every meal and I love it! I am thinking of taking some of my family favorites and converting them into freezer meals to have on hand when the others are gone. Shouldn't be too hard - just takes time.

May as well post my menu for the week - even if it is already Thursday -- and I haven't posted any for a while.

Monday - Grilled cheese with lunch meat (leftovers from the grad party)
green beans

Tuesday - Triple Pepper Chicken (freezer meal)
Mandarin oranges

Wednesday - Creole Tilapia (freezer meal)
Grape Tomato Salad

Thursday - Spicy Orangy Beef (freezer meal)
Stir fried vegetables (using up the carrots and celery left from the grad party)

Friday - Stromboli (using more of the lunch meat and cheese from the party)
Raspberry Cole Slaw

Saturday - Golden Frosted Ground Beef Pie (freezer meal)

Sunday - Pork sausage
Potatoes and gravy

Saturday, June 6, 2009


My 'baby' graduated from high school this afternoon. DD17 (almost 18) was one of 574 students - but the ceremony only took90 minutes. Not too bad. Here she is prior to the ceremony. She has grown into a lovely young lady (if I say so myself).

Here she is crossing the stage. They keep the line moving! At least this year they had enough "diplomas" on stage to hand the graduates. Last year they had about 20 more graduates to go when they ran out of the empty folders. It was funny seeing the principle and the superintendent looking under the table, behind the stage - anywhere they could think that some more might be stashed. Of course, they are empty and the graduates had to pick up their actual diploma after the ceremony - but the last group had to walk out of the gym with nothing in their hands.