Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12 Days of Charity - Day 11

I just learned about Midtown Moms this month.  One of the moms was a volunteer at Affordable Christmas and she was telling me all about their ministry.   You can check them out on Facebook - Midtown Moms.

Just this past weekend they posted an emergency request from a mom who could not afford Christmas presents for her children.   Midtown Moms posted the request and immediately 2 followers had offered to help her out.  It's good to see such generosity.

Not only do they distribute toys at Christmas, they also do birthdays for the children.  They provide a gift and cake/cupcakes.  It's sad to think that someone cannot afford a cake for their child's birthday.

The card today is another of the shoebox cards.  This was designed by my niece. It is an interesting way to use the hexagon punch.  I love the embossed dots in the background.  Looks like snow falling.

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