Sunday, December 21, 2014

12 Days of Charity - Day 9

My daughter's love for crochet and heart for the homeless brought me to my 5th charity.  She has made several crocheted scarves and wanted to donate them somewhere so after searching the internet for charities that could use them, I found several but nothing that was local.  Many of them also had strict requirements on type of yarn, colors and dimensions which did not match what she had available.  So, I decided to do my own search - on Facebook.  I posted the question "Where can we donate crocheted scarves?" and got 2 responses almost immediately.  One was from a friend who works in a local bank and they collect coats for children every year and would gladly take scarves, hats and gloves/mittens too.   The other was from a friend whose church has a homeless ministry and they would hand them out.  My daughter chose the church ministry among the homeless and as it turns out is it the same church her aunt and uncle attend.  So she has a means to get them to the church as well.
She has these scarves to donate

and I had one hat I made that was too large to donate for a newborn that we are putting in the box with the scarves.   My daughter plans to continue making scarves throughout the year and donating them in the fall.

The card for today features my wish for all the homeless - a warm home in the cold and snow.

The snow on the sentiment is a new technique I found a couple months ago.  The house is from a sheet of retired DSP that had 16 different design on that sheet. Cute, isn't it?  I think before I use this card I will take a glitter pen and highlight the snow on the roof of the house.

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