Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 Days of Charity - Day 5

Blood donations are needed all year long but especially during the holidays when accidents and injuries increase and donations decrease.   I would give blood whenever I could at the hospital and got my gallon pin.  Then in November 2013,  I got sick after donating and it was not a pretty sight.  Not sure why I got sick but I have been hesitant to give again.

When making my lists of charities I decided I need to start donating blood again.  The Central Illinois Community Blood Center (CICBC) makes it easy to donate.  You can go to their website and see where there are drives near you and then make an appointment for the drive of your choice.  I am scheduling my donation for January 2015. 
You also can sign up for a program where you earn points for each donation and can purchase items from them using those points.   They do everything they can to encourage people to donate.

And a card for today -

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