Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a busy weekend.  My sister, Carol, was visiting from New Jersey all week.  Carol, Katie, Bekah and I had a girls' night at the Muny and saw Grease.  It was good and a beautiful evening.  Who would have thought that Aug 1 would find us in sweaters.  The people sitting in the two rows in front of us left during the intermission so we have a completely unobstructed view for the second half. 

On Saturday it was the Phamily Phish Phry on the Pharm - hosted by my brother Phred and his wife, Jill.  We only had a small portion of the family there but we still had plenty of food and fun.  

 My niece Kelly had some crafts for the kids.  Here her nephews, Aidan and Landon decorated some fish.  Aidan made quite a few and was generously giving them away.

 Carol brought an album of photos from a trip she took in June with our sister, Jane.  They explored the 'hidden treasures of the alps' with a group from Carol's church.  Jane made her a lovely album with all the photos.  We all enjoyed looking through it and hearing about the trip.

Adelyn got a belated birthday gift from great-uncle Phred and great-aunt Jill.  She enjoyed playing with the snap apart bath toys on the rug they placed on the concrete.  It was great!  They plan to use the rug when they go camping.

The little kids got into the hot tub - not hot, just warm.   It was a great place for them to play.  Addie enjoyed splashing and kicking.

And of course, after swimming, you need a snack.  Landon is finishing off some watermelon.   His brother, Aidan must have eaten 3 or 4 plates full.

This was one of the uninvited guests, a skink.  He sat there and look over all the people watching him, then went running off.

Today we went to church and this afternoon Tom and I helped set up for the food pantry's school supply project.  There are over 200 children that will be given the necessary school supplies through this program.

  My DH Tom and Ron Prather help sort back packs.  The children are pre-registered so for the most part we know what each child will need based on the supply lists for the area schools.   The supplies have all been bagged and sorted by the parent's name.   Once the child has picked up their supplies, they can pick out a bookbag and will receive a pair of shoes.   There are over 200 children registered and we expect a few that will just show up so we have a supply room to make up more bags.   We are happy to be a part of this service project.

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