Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday - lunch with Bekah to celebrate her successful summer and kick off the fall semester. She wanted sushi so we went to Asia Garden.  I had teriyaki chicken with rice and a salad. Really ?  A salad in an Asian restaurant. It was iceberg lettuce smothered with a creamy dressing.  I think that is what I got last time we went there - probably a year ago- l must try something without the salad next time. The teriyaki was good and had lots of veggies. I only are half because of the weight loss challenge.

I finally removed the Jamberry wraps. There was about 1/4 inch of plain nail at the cuticle so it was time :-). 2weeka plus and they still looked good. 

Friday night Tom and I went to choir practice for the Christmas cantata.  Love the music. I'm going to sing alto this year - can't hit those high soprano notes any more. 

Saturday - Tom worked and I crawled our of bed about 9.  Decided to get my hour of bike riding in first thing. Got interrupted a couple times but I went right back to it. Finished about 1130. 

Spent 3 hours prepping veggies for meals throughout the week. 

All of these got chopped, peeled or sliced for the week. Beets were roasted for 2 recipes. Cauliflower was roasted for supper that night. Pepper, onion and mushrooms were also for supper that night. 

And speaking of supper - here it is. Yummy veggie pasta goodness with pepper, onion and mushrooms. Pasta sauce and freshly grated Parmesan. 
The southwestern cauliflower and watermelon completed the meal. 

Sunday, church, then picking up a few things at Aldi's. Found this 

I've been eating lettuce and tomato sandwiches - no bacon - and thought the bacon flavored reduced fat mayo would be good on them. It's okay - very subtle bacon flavor.  
And the low carb bread - same price as the regular bread but same nutritional info as Healthy Life wheat bread. Saved me from a stop at Walmart too

And supper tonight 

Pork chop with sour cream sauce, beet and tomato salad, and roasted red pepper and basil quinoa.

Put in 100 minutes on the bike today. Sure hope it shows on the scale tomorrow :-) 

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