Sunday, August 3, 2014

Grandma's House

Now that our house is a Grandma's House, we needed some additions to make it fun.    I found this on one of the Facebook area yard sale groups.    It was a great deal!

This will fit nicely in the corner of the living room where we currently have  a cardboard box full of Addie's books and toys.  This will hold quite a few toys  - and of course, I am now looking for play dishes, pots and pans, and kitchen utensils.

I also purchased this umbrella stroller.  Katie warned me to keep it out of sight unless we want to go for a walk :-)  It will be good exercise pushing it up and down the hilly subdivision.

Last week we had a girls' night out at the Muny and Papa Tom babysat.  When we got home, this is how we found them.  Too cute!  I moved her to the port-a-crib and she slept through until about 6 am, then Papa put her between us in bed and she slept until 830.  Of course, I had to stay in bed with her to make sure she did not roll off :-)

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