Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jamberry Challenge cont'd and Redecorating

Day 2 
Both the polished nails and the Jamberry nail are looking good. 

Day 3 
Still looking good. Typically my nail polish would start chipping by Day 3 but the Sinful Colors is holding out pretty well. 

Day 4 
Still looking pretty good. The Jamberry looks like new. The nail polish looks good too although one nail on my right hand has a tiny chip on the tip. I think I need to pick up some other colors of the Sinful Colors.  It certainly wears better than my other polish. 

I really have not pampered them but you have to remember I don't do dishes - or at least not daily. 

I did spend some time wiping down anew piece of furniture for the living room. 

Bought this through an online yard sale on Facebook. I wiped it down with chlorox wipes and then some soap and water. Adelyn already likes playing with it and we don't have any dishes. We have a little basket of fruits and vegetables and  she would take the ear of corn and try to put it in the microwave. Just not quote talk enough to get it in there far enough to shut the door. 
It reminds me of two other little girls and their play kitchen. 

I wish I would have kept some of their toys. They had a birthday cake that you could put plastic decorations on and 'cut' into the wedges and also a canister of scoops of ice cream with rubbery toppings to put on them. And a little red basket with dishes and utensils. I'm sure we will collect some for Addie's kitchen too 

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