Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jamberry Challenge

A few of my friends have taken the Jamberry Challenge.  This is where you painted 10 of your nails with polish like you regularly would and on the other 2 nails you place Jamberry nail strips. Then compare how they wear over days/weeks.
I received a sample of the Jamberry strips in May but have never found the time to try them. The sample is one strip and it will cover 2 nails. I chose the most subtle design in the choices for the strips - aqua with yellow polka dots- but had no coordinating colors of polish that I could use so I picked up a bottle of aqua at Walmart.  I got the cheapest I could find $1.98 I believe - and put done on 2 days ago just to see how I liked it. It is the most durable polish I have ever had. No top coat or clear enamel - and basically no chips in 2 days. Unusual for me. And tonight when I took it off do I could start the challenge , it took lots of polish remover and tissues to get the nails completely clean. 

This is the stuff. I may be buying more of it. 
I put the Jamberry strips on my index (pointer) fingers. It was pretty simple. You cut the strip in half and find which nail it fits the best. Clean the nail with alcohol
and push back the cuticle. Peel off the strip, heat with a blow dryer and place on your nail. Make sure to press firmly around the edges. Trim the tip to match the nail and file the tip with downward strokes. 
I was not sure where the blow dryer was - haven't used one in decades - so thought I would use my heat fun. Probably not the best idea. I almost burnt my fingertips. Next time - I'll dig out the blue dryer. 
I also had some trouble trimming the tip on the one on my right hand. I don't use scissors with my left hand very well. I was able to trim close to the tip and used a nail clipper to get it closer.  

So here is the Day 1 photo 

They are all looking pretty good. The one different nail on each hand is kind of fun!  We'll see how they look tomorrow evening. I plan to wash the kitchen play set so I can get it moved into the living room for this little princess to play with. 

The sunglasses are ones I picked up in San Diego with an elastic strap to keep them on her head.  Her mom and dad had trouble getting a clear photo because as soon as they put the glasses on her she starts dancing. 

I worked from her house today because her mommy is sick. When I went to get her out of her bed this morning she had red splotches all over her arms, legs and face. 

Doesn't she look pitiful.  They did not seem to bother her. Mommy called the dr and they suggested a small dose of Benadryl. If no improvement after 30 minutes they wanted to see her.  Well, grandma got to take her to the doctor. 
Nothing to be concerned with. Either viral or allergic reaction. Give some Benadryl or Zyrtec if she seemed uncomfortable. They already look like they are fading. 

You just never know what your day is going to bring around here :-) 

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