Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jamberry still looking good

The Jamberry nails are still looking good. They are starting to pull away from the cuticle as the nail grows but still look okay.  Will probably wait a couple more dsys before removing. It's been almost 2 weeks. 

I did buy a few more colors of the Sinfil Colors Professional polish. 

Also tried some new molds I bought on Amazon.  They are for molding hard boiled eggs or rice. Thought they would be fun. Boiled some eggs the other day to try them. Peel the egg while it is still warm and place it in the mold, them snap together and chill. 

My eggs were medium so thinking a large  might fill the mold better. This was the fish. 

And a bunny.  It's a good way to store the eggs too. The mold snaps together tightly. Eggs peel much easier when they are still warm too. This way they are peeled and ready to eat whenever I want one. 

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