Friday, April 26, 2013

Multi-image stamping

Here is a little trick I used when making some cards recently.  I needed various kite designs in just a couple colors.  Instead of stamping each kite image separately...

I placed the three kite images that I wanted on one acrylic block.  I put them close together leaving enough space to be able to cut between them.

I inked them all up and stamped on my card stock.  I have learned that the clear mount stamps adhere to the acrylic block better if you do not put the image sticker on the back.  I have no problem with them sticking but it does mean you have to be more careful with images that have a top and bottom if you are stamping directly on your card - oops! an upside down sentiment is just an opportunity for layering, right??

Here you can see I did 3 of the images in Pumpkin Pie and another set of 3 in Real Red.  With just two 'stampings' I have 6 kites ready to be cut out.

It also saved time on the cleaning :-)  I cleaned all three stamps at one time.

Of course, this only works if you are cutting or punching the images unless you are doing an image and sentiment combination.  But just another perk to using the clear mount stamps.