Monday, June 28, 2010

A few more wedding pictures

Here I am before the ceremony.

A closeup of the beading on her dress.

The dress bustled, still beautiful!

Our family "hee-haw" picture. One of my brothers teaches the little kids to do "hee haw" and wave their fingers during pictures so it has become a tradition to get a picture of the kids doing it whenever we are together - this time we got everyone :-) I think the groom's family was getting a little concerned at this point. Too late now!


Jamie said...

Haha! Love the HeeHaw picture! I might want to buy one of those!

KreatesKards said...

What beautiful dresses for both of you. Love her wedding dress, it is gorgeous. Had a good laugh too at the Hee Haw photos. The memories that will bring in the years to come.