Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh! The smell of burnt bread!

I burned bread under the broiler - and boy does it stink. I was broiling some French bread slices to put in the leftover onion soup DH and I were having for supper and got distracted. I made the mistake of going into the dining room where I have some card making supplies out and looking through the cards I have made recently (posted in another post) and got caught up taking photos etc.

When I thought about the bread it was too late. I opened the oven door to a waft of black smoke and the poor bread was charcoal. (Guess my stuffy nose did not alert me!). DH came by and tossed them out in the yard but the poor dog was unsettled for at least an hour or more after that. He kept going to the door and whining that he wanted outside. I guess he smelled the smoke and thought he was in danger. Fortunately I had some more of the Schwan's frozen baguettes in the freezer and was able to bake a loaf to use for our soup.

I probably wouldn't have picked up on his sense of danger if a friend's house had not burned last week. While she was at work her neighbor called and said the house was on fire and the fire department was there. It was a total loss. What did not burn had either melted or had smoke/water damage. This happened on Tuesday - they think it was a light fixture in the pantry. When the pantry door was closed a broom pushed against the light fixture somehow and caused the fire. If this had happened on Monday, her 2 sons (17 and 14) would have been asleep above the kitchen. Thank God they were all out of the house when it happened.

The morning of the fire, they let the dog out and he would not come back in. It is a big dog and they coaxed and bribed - but there was no way he was coming back in the house. So they left him in the garage. Maybe he could already smell the smoldering in the pantry. As it was the dog had some smoke inhalation and had to spend the night at the animal hospital for observation.

Her co-workers (I include myself in that even though I do not work in that department any more) are wanting to do something for her. I suggested some sort of theme shower - like a kitchen shower or a linen shower. One lady suggested a Christmas shower. That would be fun!
Meanwhile, our dog is still sitting at the door whining and panting - he just went out a few minutes ago - guess he can still smell the smoke :-)

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