Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cross stitching finishes

I completed 2 cross stitch projects this week. The first is a bridal shower gift for a young lady at church. She is registered for multiple colors of Fiesta ware so I thought this colorful bread cloth would look nice on her table. I will add a couple gourmet muffin mixes in the gift box. For her wedding gift, I purchased the muffin top pan from her registry.

The second piece is a square for Love Quilts. This one is for a little girl who loves the EMS Baby Animals.
I am also going to do the pig baby in memory of my Aunt Ruth who collected pig figurines and other knick knacks. Her dad (my grandfather) was a farmer and had pigs and cows. Guess they reminded her of her youth.

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Rhonda said...

Your xstitch is beautiful!

We're having an open house tomorrow evening for Doug and Masha (Ukraine). Only day they could come. What are you doing for Valentines?

Love, ~~Rhonda