Sunday, February 22, 2009

Books update

Recently I finished Needled to Death by Maggie Sefton. This is the second in her series based around a knitting shop. It was an easy read with a fairly good story line. I learned a lot about alpacas and what it takes to raise them. I had no idea that an alpaca's worth depends on what colors of wool they produce and a male alpaca is worth more based on what coloring is produced in his children. The author does such a good job of describing the textures, colors and feel of the yarn that I just had to start knitting something - so I have done another baby blanket and started a second one.

I just finished reading The Princeton Murders by Ann Waldron. I probably would have never picked this book up but I met the author at my sister's house (they are friends and both live in Princeton). She is an interesting lady so I was curious about her writing.
The book was pretty good - interesting way of killing off an English professor at Princeton. She includes lots of details about the school and Princeton itself. I enjoyed reading it as it brought to mind the beautiful old buildings and quaint narrow streets of Princeton. I have several of the books in her series so will move on to the next one after reading one of the many other series books that I am hooked on. I don't like reading too many books by the same author in a row as they tend to run together and I get tired of them.

I am currently reading Cutwork by Monica Ferris. This is not one of my favorite series but so far this one is proving to be interesting. The main character is volunteering in a huge craft festival in the community and it talks a lot about all the planning and coordination that is involved. It also describes some of the crafts in addition to needlework which I always find interesting.
I have done some cutwork when making ornaments one year so I know how detailed it is and how beautiful it can be when done well.

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