Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Freezer Meals

My sister came to visit last weekend and we made 50 freezer meals (25 for each of us) with the help of DD19 and DD17. We spent a lot of time chopping and dicing fresh vegetables before assembling the meals. I couldn't resist taking a picture of all the veggies before we got started.

We worked from about 8 am until 4 pm with a short break for lunch. When we got done we were more than happy to go out to O'Charley's for supper.

On Sunday morning I made a fritatta for breakfast and a spicy vegetable soup for lunch using the extra vegetables. Mostly we had onions, red and green peppers and mushrooms left over from the meals. A lot of the recipes called for diced vegetables by the cup and it is hard to judge how many cups you can get from a pepper or onion. I added some canned tomatoes (one can with chilies), frozen corn and green beans to the soup. We also used only part of a bag of frozen hash brown for the freezer meals so I used some of those in the soup. It was good - but it sure opened up the sinuses.

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