Friday, January 9, 2009

Another baby blanket

This baby blanket is for DH's new niece, due early next month. It is crocheted in a shell stitch that is fairly simple and makes a nice feminine style. I made a similar one for my nephew's baby, Mayda, last fall. The yarn is Caron's Simply Soft. It was so nice to work with and it has a little bit of a sheen. I would like to make others using it - and if I make the afghan for the co-worker, I will suggest that yarn. I used the Orchid and White.

I did not make my first row long enough and the blanket was pretty tiny when I finished so I added several rows to the border. It took me a while to get the corners the way I wanted them but I am pleased with it. I added the row of white to make it look like the larger border was 'planned'.

DH's youngest sister and husband have tried for many years to have a baby and then adopted an infant almost 3 years ago. They were debating about trying for another adoption when she became pregnant. She has miscarried several times so we were all praying that this one would be different. The adoption is a great story! They were approved to adopt through a local agency and the next day they got a call that there was a young lady who was in labor and wanting to give her baby for adoption. She was a single mom to a 2 year old girl and the new baby was from a one night stand relationship. They went to the hospital met the mom and then went home to 'think about it'. It took them no time to decide that they wanted the baby. So the next day they went back to the hospital and he was theirs. Of course, they had to wait to make it official after the waiting period and making an attempt to notify the father. They brought their son home when he was a day old and had absolutely NOTHING! At least this time they have had 9 months to get ready :-)

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