Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Past

Looking through some old pictures of past Halloweens.  So many memories and fun times.  The first Halloween that we took the girls out they just wore Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse hoodies.  Simple and warm :-)  I took them to McDonald's because they got a free Happy Meal if they were in a costume. Then we stopped by to see both sets of grandparents and called it a night.  They had no idea what they were missing.   Don't have a photo of that though. 

The following year Bekah wore the larger Mickey hoodie and Katie was the Easter Bunny thanks to cousins Jessica and Josh for the hand-me-down costume.

This picture is not of Halloween costumes but some special sweatshirts made by a friend, Carol, and her daughters, Erin and Jenny.  

 One year I made butterfly costumes for them.  Aren't they cute. The wings were just attached to their clothes using safety pins and I think I used the black sweatshirts to make their Christmas sweatshirts that year :-)  

Here we have Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Cinderella.  They used these costumes as dress- up clothes for years.  Definitely worth the price.

This is Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit.  Bekah wanted yellow hair like Alice in the Disney movie.  We tried :-)  I even made a big watch face out of cardboard for the rabbit and she walked around saying "I'm late!"

Another year we bought some Pocahontas accessories (necklace, armband and mocassins) and I made dresses for them to complete the outfit.  More dress up clothes. 

And now it is a new generation.  Here is our granddaughter in her Halloween costume.

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