Monday, October 21, 2013

Cruise is over - but vacation is not :-)

We celebrated our 25th anniversary a little early by taking a cruise from Charleston SC to the Bahamas.  It was fun - and full of good memories - 
This is DH in our cabin.  It was comfy but cozy :-) 

Every evening we had a different towel creation in our room along with some mints and the next day's schedule.  I'll have to try my hand at some of the creations.  

One afternoon there was a Chocolate Extravaganza at the buffet.  Lots of goodies to dip in the chocolate fondue and a chef making ice cream swans - from pieces of cream puffs and a scoop of ice cream. 

And now we are back home (and covered in a blanket) but had to play with some of my new toys since I don't go back to work until Wednesday.   Good to be home and have some time to just relax. 

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