Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting serious about cooking and menu planning

I have been very lazy for quite a while when it comes to meal planning and cooking.  Too often just heating up some pre-processed package meal or even worse getting some carry out/fast food.  So.... over the weekend I pulled out a few of my old Quick Cooking magazines.  I used to plan all my menus around them and there are some pretty good recipes, after all they are submitted by everyday cooks and tested by the QC staff. 

The first recipe - Herbed Chicken and Rice

Number 2 - Vegetable Bean Soup

Baked Omelet was number 3 - oh so good! 

And probably our favorite - Lemon Broccoli Pasta

And tonight it was "Encore Night" (not leftovers - they were too tasty to be called leftovers)  Everyone just picked from what was in the frig and made their own supper.  

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