Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday is Bake Day :-)

A beautiful Saturday - sunny and crisp.  After a haircut and grocery shopping, I got some baking done. 

 I had a butternut squash from the co-op produce basket so made some squash puff for dinner.   I prefer to think it is healthy eating even with the eggs and sugar that make it taste so good. 

  Soft Sandwich Rolls to take to Katie and Jake's for pulled pork sandwiches.   I experimented with the recipe, replacing some of the all purpose flour with whole wheat.  They were pretty good.  I have one fresh from the oven for lunch.  I have a second batch of bread in the machine now - French loaves. 

And what sweetness.  This is her 7 month photos.  She was too interested in all the sights in the living room since they don't go in there very often.  Not interested in smiling.   Looks how well she is sitting up and using her arms :-)

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