Friday, October 4, 2013

More Quick Cooking and some Adelyn Time

Last night I made Curry Chicken Breasts.  Reminded me of a recent date night to India's Oven.  Very tasty and really easy.

 I served them over rice and had some fresh pineapple (very ripe) on the side.  Very good!  I will be making those again.

Tonight it was Brunswick Stew

I told my husband this morning that I was making Chicken Stew for supper and he turned up his nose.  I said -"Well then, it is Brunswick Stew" and he said "Like we had in Williamsburg on our honeymoon." and smiled.  It's all in how you present it :-)   He loved it and the fresh hot biscuits on the side. 

Photo: Enjoying my Adelyn. And Adelyn is almost 6 months old!

Where has the time gone?  She changes so much every time we see her.  She and Mommy came over for a family brunch today and then just hung out for a while.  So blessed!

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Cary said...

You are making me hungry!
Love the baby picture!