Friday, April 20, 2012

Homemade pizza - my favorite!

My favorite pizza is homemade.  I prefer it over all the pizza chains - of course, I will eat their pizza but if I have the time I like making my own crust and experimenting with different toppings.  Today I was in the mood to make some pizza crusts so we had pizza for supper. 


I made whole wheat crust using a recipe I found on Pinterest.  I have posted this recipe here.
Tonight I used the leftover Homemade Pasta Sauce (about 1 1/2 cups) that was in the frig and topped it with canned mushrooms, a few carmelized onions, strips of roast beef lunch meat and green olives.  I would have preferred fresh mushrooms but since the sauce had canned mushrooms I figured I would save my fresh mushrooms for something else.  We ordered pizza from Papa John's last week and I requested green olives - they don't have them!  I love green olives on pizza!  Oh, and all topped with lots of mozzarella cheese.  It was pretty good if I say so myself. 
The recipe for the whole wheat crust made the baking sheet and 6 personal pizza crusts. I use 10 inch pie plates to make the personal crusts. When they are cooled I put them in a gallon zip-lock bag with wax paper between and freeze. They are so convenient to pull out and just add some sauce and toppings for a quick dinner or lunch. 

While I had the bread machine out I mixed up a batch of plain pizza crusts.  The recipe made 8 personal ones which I will be sending home with Katie when she is here tomorrow.

I will probably make some more either tomorrow or Sunday so we have some too.  Bekah prefers the whole wheat so maybe I'll make a batch of those.  I can get 10 crusts from the batch if I make it all into the personal size. 

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