Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stitching and Reading

This is the quilt square I just finished for a child at Love Quilts I love the dog in this chart! I haven't been doing as much cross-stitching as in the past few years but this one was fun to do.

I also finished Latte Trouble recently. I liked it. The author includes so much information about the coffee industry and whatever other 'theme' is in the individual book. This one centered around the fashion industry.
And I got ten more scrapbook pages done tonight. It goes fairly quickly since I have the photos cropped, trimmed and grouped. The scrapbook is for DD17's graduation party. She wants to be surprised (I made one for DD18 so DD17 knows it is coming) but keeps asking me if she can come sit with me while I am working on it. She did see a couple pages tonight and liked them.

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