Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Simple, fast and healthy dinner

Tonight was Lemony Crusted Tilapia and Raspberry Slaw. I had planned to have a salad and peas as the side dishes but have about half of a bag of cole slaw mix left from the other night. DH asked if I would make the Raspberry Slaw - he loved it! (He usually doesn't like dried fruit or nuts mixed in his food so that surprised me).
The tilapia was easy too - I had the ingredients all measured out in 2 small ziplock bags and frozen in a larger bag with the package of fish filets. I thawed it out last night so it was all ready to go.
I'm trying to stick closely to my Weight Watchers points menus. I have only 2 more pounds to go and hope to reach my goal! DD17 has decided to try to lose some weight - only she is counting calories. So in addition to the points I am now calculating the calories of our meals. It helps a lot that the freezer meals all have both the calories and the points listed for each recipe.

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