Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miscellaneous ramblings

We had a delicious supper tonight - with some of my favorites and a new modified recipe.
I made Skillet Baked Fish with Dijon Sauce, Marinated Vegetable Salad and had watermelon and cantaloupe on the side. The sauce was supposed to be mayonnaise and salsa but I forgot to put salsa on the shopping list, so I improvised. That probably was better since I also did not have plain bread crumbs and used Italian ones :-) I like making changes to recipes and trying my own creations.
Next week my sister is coming to visit and make more freezer meals. We are going to do 20 meals each - 10 chicken, 5 beef and 5 fish (salmon or white fish). It will be fun. We made 25 each back in January and I only have 2 left in the freezer. They sure are handy when you work all day - as long as you remember to thaw them out :-) One of these times we are going to have to go back through all the recipe packets and do 'encore performances'.

Last week DH's aunt and uncle from CA came to visit DH's parents. They came up one night to see us and we went out to eat. Ironically sisters married brothers. DH's mom and aunt are sisters and DH's dad and uncle are brothers! Others in the picture are DD17, DD19 and DD19's boyfriend.
Here are 5 more hats I made for the pregnancy center - but I think the dark blue one is a little big so it may be sent to a children's hospital for a chemo cap. The bottom left and center were made from the last of some of my yarn - a good way to use up the scraps.
This is a bread cloth I made for a wedding gift for a young couple at church. I did not think about the double meaning of the verse when I picked the chart. The bride's sister is named Joy so it could also mean - "Invite your sister to supper some time."
I always think the 3 unstitched corners look naked - so I created a little accent design for them as well. I hope the young couple likes it!

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