Sunday, May 31, 2009

Muddin' in a Cavalier

Wow - always seems to be some excitement when we all get together. My sister was here this weekend to make some more freezer meals (20 each this time) and it was also the weekend on our great-nephew's high school grad party so we worked really hard to get done and out the door by 3 p.m. to get to the party shortly after 4 - or that was the plan.
She had her Garmin and she offered to drive her Cavalier (I am so thankful for that!). We went along nicely until we were within about 3 miles of our nephew's country home. Garmin told us to take Doolittle Rd - it started out as a rock road but the road quickly diminished - and then it was dirt which of course was mud in places because of the many rains we have had. We came over one rise and we in the front seat could see ruts in the soft road that were about 8 inches deep - The driver did well to steer through them - and the back seat (DD19's boyfriend to be specific) noticed a mud/water hole ahead so told the driver that she would need to pick up some speed to get through the mud. We slipped through that and then noticed another vehicle up the road a ways - and a man walking in the other direction. The man was one of our brother's. He was stopped and taking off on foot for the last half mile or so. We honked and his wife waved at us to go back. He started walking back and DD19's BF offered to go see if he could help.
They got their vehicle turned around but then got mired in a mud hole. So we got turned around and took off to get to the party and send help back if needed.
As soon as we turned around Garmin popped up alternate directions and we made it safely to the party. Just before we got to the house, DD19's BF texted her that they found someone with a 4 wheel drive who was helping them, got out of the mud and then slid back into it. He said to not send any help yet. Shortly after he let us know they were on their way. It was sure a good story to tell to everyone at the party - the locals had never even heard of Doolittle Rd - which came out as a farm road about 1/4 mile from their lane.
So once again Garmin let us down - (last weekend DD19 and BF got within 1 mile of the church for DH's nephew's wedding and the highway was closed for construction - then tried to send them through a private residential area that had at least 10 PRIVATE DO NOT ENTER signs posted. They were only 2 minutes late for the wedding though thanks to his dad coaching them via cell phone.
Oh - and another brother started down Doolittle Rd but realized it was not going to be passable before we did - so he asked someone along the road if it was passable (they were probably out investigating why they had so much traffic :-) and they told him in the summer when it is really dry. He turned around before he got to the bad spots. Glad we did not come up on them while we were barreling up the hill through the ruts on our way out!
Thank God we all made it to the party safely and home again - and had something to laugh about all afternoon. The party was very nice and we had lots of fun catching up with relatives and enjoying the good food!

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