Saturday, May 9, 2009

Roses are in bloom!

Our first rose bloomed today! I am not a serious gardener but last year did manage to have roses blooming all summer long. This year the bushes are full of buds again!

5/6/09 -the bud starts to open

5/8/09 open a little bit more

5/9/09 a.m - Open at last (I thought)

5/9/09 - p.m. Fully open - What a huge bloom!

Here are some more garden pictures taken today :

The plum tree has bounced back after the storm.

An 'aerial' view of the bench - taken from top of the retaining wall.

DH spreading some weed killer on the lawn. We had quite a bumper crop of dandelions this year. I have never seen so many - our front yard was a sea of dandelions and once they went to seed it almost looked like snow :-) - I'm sure our neighbors were not impressed!

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