Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tweaking and thinning

Today is a totally rainy day - and may turn to snow. So I am being lazy. I planned to go grocery shopping which I hate on a good day let alone a rainy day. I hate having to tote the groceries out to the car in the rain and getting soaked putting them in the car. So I 'tweaked' the menu a little for tonight. I had planned on Hamburger Stroganoff - and after finding an unopened container of sour cream in the frig yesterday that is at it's expiration date - I knew I should make that. But I don't have any hamburger or beef so would have to run to the store.

I browsed through my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook and found a Chicken Breasts with Sour Cream Curry Sauce that uses the same amount of sour cream and I had all the other ingredients except the dry roasted peanuts for garnish. I think we can do without the peanuts or use the slivered almonds that I do have. It feels good to 'tweak' the day to use what I have instead of purchasing more ingredients - it always feels good to NOT SPEND any money :-)

Then I started thinning - thinning my closet that is. This has a double meaning since I have lost more than 30 pounds and most of the clothes in my closet are getting a little loose. Some of the pants and tops I had that were 'comfy' before the weight loss now look like I am a kid wearing mom's clothes. A couple pairs of pants could be used for a clown costume if I wanted to go into a clown ministry :-) I did not pull out as many items as I thought I would - mainly because I just did not want to part with some t-shirt 'souvenirs' from years gone by - and t-shirts can be a little large. Also - I can't throw out everything that is loose or I wouldn't have any thing to wear. I am slowly trying to get some new better fitting pants and tops for work and can't wait to try on shorts later this spring. Most of my shorts last year were too tight in the waist so am looking forward to seeing how they fit this year. And a lot of my clothes were way too tight before the weight loss so I do have a few that fit okay now. Maybe after the last 10 pounds are gone I can throw out some more clothes.

Of course, I don't 'throw' them away. We usually donate our clothes to the Salvation Army. Hopefully someone else can make good use of them.

So with all that done and the yucky rainy day outside, I am going to be lazy this afternoon and watch the Law and Order SVU marathon and stitch or play online games. I may clean up my area in the living room - it is kind of taking over the whole room - and I guess I could call that tidying - so I will have a 3T day (tweaking, thinning and tidying).

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Rhonda said...

Sounds like a good rainy day list of activities you have. You look fabulous, BTW! I need to get back into the swing of things myself. It just takes discipline, right? :)