Sunday, March 29, 2009

Avoiding shopping and other ramblings......

Avoiding going to the store yesterday turned out to be more work than I thought - but it was still worth it. When I started looking over my menu for today I realized I did not have any hamburger buns for the barbecue turkey. I had already 'tweaked' the menu from Carolina Crock Pork (barbecued pork basically) to Barbecued Turkey Sandwiches - since I had some leftover turkey in the freezer. (It always feels good to use up something I have put in the freezer thinking we will eat is in the future.)

So I got out the bread machine and mixed up my favorite butter roll recipe and tried making some Silver Dollar Rolls. I like using them for sandwiches in place of the larger buns anyway - smaller sandwiches means fewer WW points :-)

I think they turned out pretty well (can't say the same for my photography attempts). I really need to use my 'readers' when taking digital pictures - without them I can not see the image on the camera clearly :-)

I rarely use my bread machine to make loaves of bread. Even at the lightest setting, the crust tends to be darker than I like. But I often mix up rolls and pizza crust using it then do the shaping myself. That way I still get my hands in the dough but don't have to do the stirring and mixing.

So we had a bonus of hot rolls with our supper last night (I divided the batch into the silver dollar rolls and some 'knots') . For the knots I use the amount for a serving and roll it between my hands to make a short rope and then 'tie' it in a knot. That is my favorite shape as it is easy but a nice decorative look.

The Chicken with Sour Cream Curry Sauce was very good - I had half a serving of the chicken on a cup of rice and that was plenty of sauce. I shaped the rice using a measuring cup then placed the chicken piece on top and finished it off with the sauce. Very nice presentation. I'm sure we will have that one again. There was plenty for DH and I (DD17 decided she did not want to wait for supper and had a sandwich and fresh pineapple earlier) and I have 3 meals in the frig for leftovers this week.

I have been trying to add some Thai and Indian cooking into our menus. We have a Indian restaurant in town that is supposed to be very good but we have not gotten to try it yet. We planned to do so for our anniversary last year but they were closed - it was Thanksgiving Eve. Don't think we'll be able to celebrate our anniversary there this year (or anywhere on the actual date) since it falls on Thanksgiving. Guess we'll have to pick an alternate date :-)

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