Friday, September 12, 2014

Owl cards

I have the Owl punch but have not made very many owls. 

I made this one Sunday morning for a young man in our church. He turns 11 this week and his mom arranged for Hagrid to bring him a birthday cake with his invitation to attend Hogwarts ( and a trip to Florida to the Harry Potter park) 
The owl is white to sort of resemble Hedwig. The inside said 'Hope your birthday is 'owl'some' 

So today I played a little more. I like the off center circle. 

And another birthday card. 

And a couple love birds for an anniversary card. 

I am also challenging myself to use some of my Pinterest treasures this week. I made our menu using recipes I have pinned. 

Crockpot chicken and dressing casserole. 

Thai red curry soup and homemade pita flatbreads. 

Crockpot porcupine meatballs  these are very similar to a recipe my mom used with a large skillet. 

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