Monday, September 22, 2014

A Walk in the Park

Today I ran an errand during my lunch hour and it only took 10 minutes so I stopped at the new park near our house.   Saw some ducks....

and geese....

Checked out the horseshoe pits.   Even have benches for spectators.

This is the view looking across the lake.   It was a beautiful day and I made 3 trips around the perimeter of the park in a half hour.

They also have birdhouses.  They look like gourds but they are not.  Not sure what type of bird is attracted to these - but may have to do some research on that.

As you can see below, they are not finished with the park.  My husband says they are to put in a ball diamond. 

I think I'll be walking there often during my lunch hours. Gets me out of the house and burns some calories.   Come back refreshed and energized. 

Supper tonight was French Onion Chicken sandwich and a Lay's taste test - Mango Salsa (wavy chips) and Bacon Mac 'n Cheese (regular chips).  The Bacon Man 'n Cheese won hands' down here.  Now if they were just wavy too :-)
Still need to taste the Wasabi Ginger kettle chips - I'm not even trying the Cappuccino. 

And another very good chicken recipe that I made last week, Baked Mushroom Chicken.

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