Monday, September 22, 2014

Little Hats, Big Hearts

I've been knitting hats for the Little Hats, Big Hearts charity. The red hats are to raise awareness of heart disease which is the most common birth defect. The hats are distributed to neonatal units for the children there.   From one skein of yarn ($2.99 at Michael's) I got 8 hats using a quick free pattern I found.

And I used the rest of the red yarn with some other ends of yarn to make 2 more hats. 

These won't work for the Little Hats Big Hearts since they only use red hats but they will be donated to Mosaic Pregnancy Center 

Along with some other hats and blankets I have made with my surplus yarn.

Yes- I have a large surplus of yarn - and still more to use up :-)  And this week I bought more to make some baby afghans.  3 nieces (2 of Tom's and 1 of mine) are expecting and 2 other ladies at church.  Babies everywhere!

Speaking of babies,  haven't posted a granddaughter photo lately.  She's not a baby any more.  Here is my recent favorite photo taken at a local park. It was a little chilly so she had to wear shoes and a jacket - didn't like either one.

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