Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Old becomes the New

 I decided it was time to go back to my short hair style - and I mean short.   It has been about 2 years since I started growing out my hair.  At first it was just because it was hard to find a date and time to get it cut since my stylist was cutting back some of her evening hours and I was putting in a lot of overtime plus carpooling with my husband and it was nnot always convenient for both of us to stop after work.  So I decided I would let it grow and my goal was to have a ponytail again  - and I did.  It got longer than probably any other itme in my life.

 This is a photo of my ponytail yesterday morning.  It was usually pretty bushy but the end would fall into a large curl.   I wanted to donate it to make a wig for cancer patients but could not find a site that would take anything with more than 5% gray hair. One site would take the gray hair but would not use it.  They would sell it to another source, and use the money as a donation.  One site would take gray hair but encouraged you to find others to donate with you as it takes multiple ponytails to make one wig.  So - I did not donate my hair.  I will just make a monetary donation to the group that makes wigs for breast cancer victims.  My original goal was just to grow it out 'one more time' and I did that.  I definitely prefer it short :-) - but had to try it long again.

 And here I am - a couple hours later.   I went to a new stylist recommended by a friend.  She did great.  She worked on it for an hour and really worked to get it thinned out and cut so it laid just right.  I already have an appt for 5 weeks to get it trimmed to keep it neat.  So my 'old' haircut is not my 'new' one. 

And here are some other 'old things.....

 I found some time between cleaning nad putting things away in the craft room to get some cards made.  I forced myself to use some items I received several years ago from a wishlist that was going among the demonstrators.   I did not have the stamp see for the 'get well soon' and asked for someone to stamp a bunch for me so I had those to use up.
The designer series paper is also a wishlist item.  I did not have that particular paper and a friend sent me a 6 x 6 inch square of each in that collection.   So I used the Fancy Flower punch that coordinates with the floral design in the paper and went to work.  These are my favorites of the ones I made using those supplies.

 I also grabbed a piece of my own retired designer series paper and made some masculine ones.   Love the Soft Suede and Baja Breeze together.  Too bad Baja Breeze is retired but I'm sure Soft Sky or Marina Mist will also look nice with the Soft Suede or the new Baked Brown Sugar IN color.

 Oh - and after getting my hair cut, I treated myself to a cupcake - not old itself but I used a gift card given to me by a friend that I have had for almost a year I think.  And I chose the Munypolitan - a neapolitan cupcake (dark chocolate, strawberry and vanilla layers) that commemorated the St Louis Muny Theater which is old.  I remember going to the Muny for the first time when I was about 10 years old.  My sister and I were staying with an aunt and uncle in St Louis and they took us to see Guys and Dolls.  Soupy Sales played one of the 'gamblers'.  He was probably the only star I knew if the show but I remember my uncle talking about one of the other men being a former football player.   Loved the Muny and went there often in the 70's and 80's and a couple times with my daughters when they were young.  Really need to make that a 'new' experience again :-)

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