Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Anniversary and a Big Shot Center

Happy Anniversary to my daughter and son-in-law .  Three years ago we had the most fun celebrating with them on their wedding day.  Here is a photo of the bride and groom -
And this is a photo of my family - siblings, spouses and their children and grandchildren.  We have a lot of fun when we get together.

It's a family tradition to take a 'ee-haw' picture with our donkey ears.   If you can't laugh at yourselves, then who can you laugh at?

And tonight I finally got my Big Shot Center set up.  I painted my craft room and rearranged it all so I could move a computer desk that we have in the family room upstairs into the craft room and use it for my Big Shot and supplies.   We all have laptops and don't have a desk computer any more.  The printer was stored in the desk but it was a waste of a lot of storage space. 
 Here I have everything stored and tucked away neatly.   And I have not filled it yet - but give me time!

 The work area slides out and I can place the Big Shot on it to work.   I love it and it will get much more use here than just storing a printer that gets used one or twice a month.

And when the craft room becomes a guest room, it all closes up neatly and is a nice piece of furniture.   I'm very happy with it and can't wait to have some time to play - maybe this weekend.
I also inherited the desk chair which is much nicer than sitting on a folding chair - and there is a small desk in the craft room that I had been using for my Big Shot which is now holding the printer.

Now, I have to get the room ready for guests.  Katie and Adelyn will be sleeping in there tomorrow night.  Glad I was able to take a vacation day tomorrow to work on it and get things back to normal. 

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