Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pancakes to feed an army! (or Jake and Tom)

Bekah wanted breakfast for supper tonight - pancakes and sausage. Katie and Jake are home for spring break, so I mixed up a double batch of a pancake recipe I found online.
The recipe said it made 24 pancakes using 1/3 cup to pour them on the griddle. Quite a lot of batter!

This is about a third of the pancakes. I got these done and we started eating. I continued cooking as everyone ate. Tom and Jake tied - each eating 10 pancakes.
I think it made about 60-70 pancakes.

We also had pork sausage - the small links - lots of them! I put them all on a cookie sheet and baked at 425 until they were browned. So much easier than frying in a skillet.

These are the leftover pancakes that I'll be sending with Katie and Jake. :-)

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