Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Salads

I spent most of my day making a Jello Ribbon Salad which I will take to a friend's house tomorrow for Easter dinner. It is a long process but you can get a lot done in between the steps. And it looks so fresh and springy! This is a favorite that my sister gave me. She would make it for the holiday meals and it always looks so pretty!

We had our Easter dinner with the daughters and son-in-law last evening so I wanted something a little lighter tonight for supper. It is just DH and I tonight - and he is in the basement riding the stationary bike - so I just put together a big salad for each of us using some of the leftover ham and some hard boiled eggs. I bought 3 dozen eggs to dye - but we didn't get around to doing that - so will have lots of eggs to cook with over the next couple week. DH likes an egg in his salad and it is one of Weight Watcher's power foods :-)

Now that's a salad! Baked ham, hard boiled egg, olives, baby gouda cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, green pepper, and lots of lettuce. It was 10 points (the ham alone is 6) but it was very filling and I am set for the evening.

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