Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fun in the Park

Not much stamping going on here this week. We are babysitting for Tom's niece and nephew and the craft room is a bedroom for DD#1 and hubby. BUT - I will have some cute scrapbook pages to put together when I can use the room again.

We took Eli and Alyssa to the park today. What a fun time!

They each took a turn 'driving' the train.

Neither one could see out the front so glad it didn't go any where.

The swaying bridge was popular.....

with young and old :-)

What a colorful slide.

Tom helped Alyssa try the slide but....

she preferred going down with Bekah.

Oops! None of us were within the age range. Oh well.....

We walked around the lake and back to the mini-zoo. There were goats...

and more goats.

An ostrich (big bird according to Eli)

and a turkey (another big bird)

and some sheep sleeping in the shade of the feeding trough.

Oops! There is a goat in the trough!

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