Sunday, December 20, 2015

Memory Pillows

I saw Memory Pillows on Pinterest.  They are not Memory Foam.  Rather, they are pillows made from the shirt of a loved one who has died.    A friend of mine had not only her husband die this summer, but also her step-son.  Their family was just the 3 of them and now she is all alone.    I asked her if she had a shirt for each and I would a pillow.

Here is what I made:

The one one on the left is the dad's pillow covered with one of his shirts.  The one on the right ws the son's  He wore ties almost everywhere so I added one of his ties.  I thought they turned out nice.  I also printed a little poam - 
This is a shirt 
I used to wear. 
When you hold it, 
I am near.
I cut that out with a heart shaped die and then cut a second heart that was a little larger from colored card stock.   I mounted the verse to the larger heart and tucked it into pocket.

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