Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring had sprung - at least inside the house

Not sure if spring has arrived outside since winter just seems to want to hang aroundbut I have finally put away the snowmen and put out the Easter decorations.  I'm ready for flowers blooming and birds singing :-)

This is the board I gave my parents with cross-stitched ornaments for each month.  I just took down the St Patrick's ones.  It makes for a short Easter season when Easter comes in March. But I will gladly replace these with some May flowers after Sunday :-)
A fun little bunny family that I got when the girls were little.  Can't wait until the Baby Adelyn is old enough to play with them.  Having a grandchild (or almost - she is due in the next couple weeks) makes deocrating for holdiays much more fun.

Some cute little ceramic bunnies.  Some more little decorations that I picked up when the kids were small. 

Salt and pepper shakers.  I think I have a set for almost every holiday.  Some are from my mom or aunt.  Mom had lots of Christmas and Thanksgiving ones and my aunt collected them.  These I bought several years ago.  They are fairly large and I don't put salt and pepper in them because it would take months to empty them again.  Just for looks.

Another set of salt and pepper shakers.  The napkins have flowers, butterflies and bumblebees on them.  I made these for a Women's Tea one year.  I think I need to make some other solid colors to go with these :-)  I should iron them all but rolling them up like this you don't see the wrinkles so much.  The family doesn't mind the wrinkles.

And you can't have Easter without dying eggs.  These cups were my mom's.  We used them every year to dye the eggs.  They are stained and chipped but some of my greastest treasures. 

And some new fresh linens in the kitchen.  I got these as a gift and love the colors in the design.   They certainly brighten up the kitchen after the long winter.

All the Easter memories and thoughts of Mom - I decided to cook up one of her favorite recipes for supper.  She would make Oven Barbecued Ribs using her own barbecue sauce.  It is not a thick barbecue sauce like the bottled kind but it really makes the ribs tender and delicious.  She would mix up the sauce and pour it over ribs, pork steaks, or pork chops.  I have modified the recipe a little and it is now Barbecued Ribs in the Crock Pot.  We are having it with slaw and some applesauce. 

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