Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Google reader and Corn Muffins

First, if you follow my blog using Google Reader you will have to make a change before July 1. Google reader is being shut down. You may subscribe to my blog for email updates or find another RSS site. I am trying Netvibes but not sure I like it. I may just have to go to email. I use Google reader to read new posts from the 200+ blogs that I follow and I also tag items that I want to keep like card or craft ideas. Netvibes does not seem to have a tagging option. It was fairly simple to download all my subscriptions into a file and import them but all the posts are unread in Netvibes so I will be cleaning that up for months. I am also going through my tagged posts in Google reader and pinning them on Pinterest so if you follow me there you will see lots of card ideas
Corn muffins - have been craving some good sweet corn muffins sine our drive south last weekend. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for supper and had their corn muffins with our meal. Not the best. They were very salty and rather dry. But that did not stop me from eating 2 and then I checked the calories in My Fitness Pal and wished I could rewind my life. They were 270 calories each!!! They must use lard or real butter in them plus real eggs ??? I made my sweet corn muffins tonight with a big pot of chili. The perfect meal for the 6 inches of snow ( and still falling). I use the recipe in the Quaker corn meal box but double the sugar. I made 24 muffins from the recipe. They are on the small side but I wanted to cut down the calories. Each muffin comes to 78 calories and they are not any smaller than the Cracker Barrel ones. I used skim milk and egg substitute so guess
that made the difference.

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Mmmmm! Muffins!!!!

As for Google reader, it was my understanding (which may be wrong) that if you had a Blogspot blog, it would still function as normal. Google and Blogger are now the same company - not sure who bought out whom, but I do know that much is true. I despise the whole Google + circles thing and want no part of it. Hopefully it will continue working or I'm really going to be hosed!