Friday, August 31, 2012

Some New Recipes and Hurricane Isaac

Haven't posted much lately - just not in the mood - so thought I should do at least something.  I have tried a few new recipes that I enjoyed and thought I would share.
One of my new favorite packed lunches for work is a rice wrap.  I make a big batch of flavored rice and put about 1/2 cup in a tortilla with some fresh veggies. 

Cilantro Lime Rice Wrap
This one is filled with cilantro lime rice, cucumber, onion and lettuce.   My other favorite is orange ginger rice with nappa cabbage and green pepper.  The  nappa cabbage, cilantro, limes, oranges and fresh ginger were all from the produce co-op.

Another creation using some of the co-op produce was Cranberry-Orange Apples.  I made cooked apples like I usually do but put in some dried cranberries and the juice of an orange. 

Cranberry-Orange Apples


And I tried a non-alcoholic white sangria.  It was refreshing and pretty simple to make. I think it would be fairly simple to substitute some white wine for all of part of the grape juice.

White Sangria

And I had to share this photo of our beagle, Buddy.  Usually he takes a stuffed animal and tears it to shreds - but not this pink hippo.  I think he thinks it is another dog or something.  He grabs it in his teeth and shakes it but then will lay down next to it on the couch. 
Don't they make a cute couple.
Looks like Hurricane Isaac has hit us.  I think we have already had more rain this evening that we had all summer.
I hope the rain shows up.

At least I am getting my car washed.
Okay - now I am off to pick out some movies to watch and then work on some fabric projects for a workshop next weekend.  It should be a good 3 day weekend :-)

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