Monday, July 9, 2012

Mission Trip to West Virginia - what a week it was!

Last week, hubby and I and 12 other members from our church went to Fairmont, West Virginia as a mission trip.  We were scheduled to work on 3 homes in Barackville. When we arrived, we learned that some huge storms had moved through the area on the night before and the camp where we were staying was without power.  They had generators to power enough of the kitchen to be able to feed the 100+ campers but no electricity for fans or water heater (cold showers).

We did have power at the work sites - probably would have had to come back home if we had not.  Tuesday evening the power was restored and just in time as it got even hotter and the fans were much needed for comfortable sleeping.  The fans did not do a lot in the 95+ heat of the afternoon but once the sun went down it cooled off some and having a fan blowing directly on me certainly helped me sleep.

This is one of the work projects -putting a roof over a deck which had been built through the same ministry several years ago.
 The deck got the sun most of the day so it was almost unbearable to use it during the summer.  Homeowners, Tony and Holly were very thankful for the roof and look forward to many days enjoying their deck in the shade.
Another project was painting a bedroom.  This is the project I worked on.  We primed and painted over the existing paneling.

We had to prep the walls by sanding off adhesive from lots of things taped to the paneling over the years.  Our team also enlarged the closet in the corner of this room.
Here the painting is almost finished.  Carpetting was also laid in this room.

We also held Backyard Bible Club in the afternoons.   We had two  young ladies from one of the homes who attended each day. Aubrey and Brieanna are the sweetest girls.  We really enjoyed getting to know them and plan to keep in touch.

One of the ways to cope with the heat was to make frequent trips to Walmart and we stopped to enjoy some Icees on one of the trips.
Tom drank his too fast, brain freeze :-)  It was a memorable week - not what we expected - but God provided what we needed. 


Beth said...

Katie was keeping me posted while you guys were going through all that - crazy! I'm glad you got to stay - I was worried you'd have to turn back around...all that driving for nothing. When did the camp get power back? (Or did I miss that part?)

Mary Cavalier said...

We got power back on Tuesday evening about 5:45 p.m. Thank God because it got really hot after that and the fans were needed a lot!