Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm still around

Haven't posted much lately.  After our mission trip it has been crazy and busy at work.  A new Stampin Up club starts this weekend so I really do need to get busy on that.  I have two 'newbies' so will be fun to do over the basics with them and show them some simple cards, then jazz those up a little with special tools and products. 

I have been enjoying the fresh produce from the Co-Op.  This last delivery they had a really good price on the extra packages of corn (12 ears) and neither hubby nor I really care for it on the cob so I made some freezer corn.  Had never done that before - but it sure tasted good.

Here is my recipe

This morning I had a really delicious breakfast -

an omelet with lots of Co-Op add-ins (green pepper, onion, tomatoes, provel cheese and the strawberry- rhubarb fruit spread)  The eggs were even from the Co-Op.

This weekend has been busy -  painting DD#2's bedroom.  She picked out a bold turquoise called Magical Oasis.  Love that name.

I think she has decided on some pink/rose colored accessories.  Had quite a time getting a second gallon of paint this morning.  The Walmart down the street (where I got the first gallon) did not have any of the base paint that was needed to mix this color.   So went 10 miles to another Walmart and they had the base paint but when he went to add the tints, one was too low to do it.   He looked and they did not have that color in stock.   So I bought the gallon of base paint from the second store and went back to the first store to ask them to add the tints.   A pleasant drive after the lovely showers we had this morning.

We are in a major drought - over a month since we had any sort of rain.  Everything is drying up between the lack of rain and the 100+ temps we have had for many of that month.   This morning we had a nice shower and 0.8 inches of rain.  Won't be enough for the crops, but it sure was nice and almost felt cold in the 74 degrees.  After the rain, the temps climbed back up quickly.

Almost makes me yearn for snow - NOT!

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