Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cards for OWH

I am so excited! I have 263 cards ready to go to Operation Write Home. Most were donated from my customers and their friends as they cleaned out their stash. They are like me, love to make the cards but have way more than they will ever use! Thanks to everyone who donated some cards and for the monetary donations to help pay postage costs. Can you believe it - I was able to get all the cards in a large flat rate box! Tomorrow it will be on it's way.

If you missed the opportunity this month, don't despair! I will have more OWH workshops and will continue to collect cards to send. Just remember the guidelines:

No glitter!
A2 (8 1/2 x 5 1/2 folded in half) only

Holiday cards need to arrive there 8 weeks prior to the holiday so I won't be sending any Thanksgiving or Christmas cards after this shipment. I will try to have my next workshop in January so we can send some Easter cards - and then another one in March or April to concentrate on July 4th cards.

Envelopes are appreciated - as well as monetary donation to cover the shipping. I have 2 of the OWH stamps to use on the backs and will 'tuck' the cards and sort them before shipping.

We can also include Any Hero cards which are thank you or encouragement cards for the soldiers themselves.

Looking forward to doing this again!


Bev Gomez said...

Mary you are so sweet. My So is in the hospital right now but I will keep your info and if I have time depending on what happens here I will send you some cards. You are an angel! Bev

Mary Cavalier said...

Bev - Any time you have some to send my way, feel free to do so. Or you can mail them directly to OWH - check out their website.

I'll be following you too!